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Find Your Direct Maximum Leads Through Targeted Email Marketing
As worldwide, it has been diagnosed that Email Marketing is the rapid way of advertisement. But if all the people you are sending emails are targeted then it means you will be getting the maximum conversation rate as all the subscribers we are sending your campaign are targeted to your business. The subscribers we are having are all opt-in and they allow us to send them promotional and advertising emails. So you will be surely getting very high and optimistic response from the campaign.

Targeted Email Marketing?

  • All subscribers are opt-in
  • You'll select the catagory you want to send your campaign
  • You can send HTML emails and include pictures
  • Instant Campaign Scheduling, no wait!
  • Online account to track statistics
  • See how many people are opening your email
  • See how many people are clicking on the links inside
  • Complete Graphical Reporting
  • Direct delivery to subscriber's inbox

What You Get With Email Marketing?

Online Account To Check Statistics

You get an online account at Hostings House where you can check your campaign live statistics with graphical reporting. Moreover, it gives you comprehensive statistics regarding emails opening, link tracking, bounces with exact time and date. You can download your campaign's csv report or can print it to hard copy.

Easy HTML Campaign Builder

Create your email campaign with real easy to use advanced HTML Campaign builder within your account. You can create simple text as well as HTML emails supported with an unsubscribe link.

Built-in Email Templates

Use one of the already created and beautifully designed built-in email templates and enrich it with your content. We assure you will be getting great leads when one receives well presented email campaign. People spend more time in reading a certain email if its well presented and tempting to viewer's eye. One would must spend extra moments to read and understand what is written in the email residing in his inbox if the overlook and standard of the whole theme is professional and targeted.
and much more...

7 Reasons To Choose Us?

  • We offer comparatively very low rates as compared to others
  • 90% of our emails go direct to inbox
  • 95% of our directories members are always valid and targeted
  • We offer millions of emails for few hundred dollars not thousands of dollars like others
  • We provide you an online account where you can watch your continuous statistics unlike others
  • You can use variables in your campaign for First and Last names
  • Our servers are highly optimized to send bulk emails with fastest deliveries
Get ready to have a Test Drive for Just $1 and you'll get fully functional account with an ability to send 100 emails.
Email Marketing Service At Very Low Rates
Boost Up Your Business
Start with $1.00!

Our regular packages are starting from $149.00 (Limited Time Offer)

500,000 Emails
  • Your Own Online Account
  • Continuous Statistics
  • Bounce Processing
  • Graphical Reporting
  • 500,000 Emails Quota
/ 0.5 Million
1 Million Emails
  • Your Own Online Account
  • Continuous Statistics
  • Bounce Processing
  • Graphical Reporting
  • 1 Million Emails
/ 1 Million
2 Million Emails Emails
  • Your Own Online Account
  • Continuous Statistics
  • Bounce Processing
  • Graphical Reporting
  • 2 Million Emails
/ 2 Million
5 Million Emails
  • Your Own Online Account
  • Continuous Statistics
  • Bounce Processing
  • Graphical Reporting
  • 5 Million Emails
/ 5 Million

What's Next?

Once you have purchased any of the above listed package and your account has been setup, you'll just need to log into your account to see the member's interface. There you can start creating your campaign quite easily by clicking on Email Campaigns button. You can also choose from 50+ ready to go buil-in Email Templates and start editing it with replacing your content. Don't worry at all if you think its a hard job, I assure you it won't be more than just a COPY PASTE job. If still you find it bit tricky than you can confidently contact our team to set your campaign and we will feel happy to server you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Does $1 Package has the equal features in my account as others?
Ans: Yes with $1 Package, you get all functions and features into your account as like other packages.
2- Do I have to sign any contract before starting my campaign?
Ans: No, not at all. You are never bounded with any kind of contract here with Hostings House Email Marketing Service.
3- Is there any setup fees?
Ans: Not there is not any setup or hidden fees.
4- What kind of payment you accept?
Ans: We accept debit cards, master cards, visa cards, paypal, wire transfer and western union.

Have a test drive in Just $1.00 and start creating email campaigns within your account panel. We believe in opt-in Email Marketing and strickly follow spam laws.

Buying anything from Hostings House means you agree with our Terms and Conditions which were previously revised on 11th February 2011.
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Web Hosting

Hostings House servers support both Linux and Windows based platforms for web hosting. The extendable Linux implementation makes it a bit more feature-enrich and therefore a preferred platform. The Linux control panel (C Panel) replaces tedious tasks with web interfaces and API-based calls to give you an extremely efficient and fully automated point-and-click hosting platform.

The narrow gap between Linux and Windows is closing in rapidly as developers compete to enhance the features, reliability and security of both platforms. In Windows based hosting, Helm 4 is the fastest, most user-friendly and features-rich control panel. You should choose windows hosting if you are going to use any Microsoft propriety technologies to create your site, such as ASP, FrontPage, MSSQL, and Windows Streaming Media.

Domain Registration

Hostings House offers a wide range of domains TLDs available for registration. The registration process is instant and takes no time to get it resolved. You can use utilize the free domain registration promotion with the purchase of any hosting package on annual billing terms. Hostings House offers Email forwarding and DNS management during every purchase of domain. You can manage your domain(s) within your client area portal at Hostings House.

Reseller Hosting

Make your pockets swell over night by hosting third party websites using Hostings House Resellership. Hostings House offers you desired range of Reseller Packages. So buy a reseller plan from us and divide it to suit the needs of your clients and your own profitability. Our hosting infrastructure is extremely reliable and our servers have an excellent 99.9% uptime. So get in touch with us to know about the most lucrative reseller hosting plans in the market.

Web Designing

We at Hostings House exclusively focus on the fundamental role of design in determining the satisfaction of web surfers. We will take great care in designing templates and selecting content management systems to give every website we have designed a highly professional finish and feel. This is the approach that has made us industry leaders locally and rapidly growing competitors globally. Our tailor made designing packages are suited to the needs of a diverse clientele.


Hostings House Ecommerce development team is expert at designing e-commerce websites and have extensive experience in providing most attractive layouts and smooth integration for e-stores. Designing the layout of e-commerce websites requires higher levels of skill and innovation. Our experienced designers will provide the right layout for your e-store that can tastefully accommodate modules displaying text, image and video content with features for online shopping into a harmonious whole.


We believe in empowering our clients; and surely, knowledge is power. Our website offers a comprehensive database having articles on a wide range of topics. For your convenience the knowledgebase is organized into different categories and can also be searched using keywords. If our knowledgebase does not offer a solution for your problem, you are also provided the facility of submitting a ticket to one of the relevant departments: the queries related to support can be sent to our support team, the queries related to sales can be sent to our sales staff, and those related to billing can be directed to our billing department. Contact us through a dynamic form that allows you to submit multiple queries to different departments and also choose the priority by setting the urgency level to high, low or medium. Our secure contact us form prevents automated submissions and unauthorized use.